Oligonucleotides as therapeutic agents

Synergistic unlocking of therapeutic potential

We design and synthesise modified oligonucleotides for use as therapeutic agents. In this context we have worked on triple helix forming oligonucleotides (TFO's) which also have applications in molecular genetics, and diagnostics. In collaboration with Prof. Keith Fox we developed a set of four base analogues in TFOs that are able to recognize mixed sequence DNA with high specificity. (View paper). We have also developed TFOs that contain triplex stabilising moieties such as thiazole orange (View paper). This work required us to develop fluorescent assays for triple helix stability (View paper). Currently we are developing artificial DNA backbone linkages such as triazole and amide for incorporation into oligonucleotides with the aim of increasing efficiency of delivery and efficacy (View Paper) (View Paper)