'Split-and-Click' sgRNA

Apr 8th 2019, 13:56

In a paper published today in Nature Communications, we demonstrate a new approach to the chemical synthesis of libraries of sgRNAs for CRISPR applications. Using the method, standard or chemically modified CRISPR sgRNA libraries can be prepared in a single tube by click ligation of an invariant Cas9-binding 79-mer and a library of variable genome-targeting 20-mers. See our blog post for more information: https://chemistrycommunity.nature.com/users/251216-arun-shivalingam/posts/47615-split-and-click-sgrna.

Poster prize for Arun Shivalingam

Jul 26th 2018, 08:10

Arun Shivalingam has won the ChemGenes-sponsored Poster Prize at the 14th RSC Nucleic Acids Forum held in London on the 6th of July (www.rsc.org/events/detail/31569/the-14th-nucleic-acids-forum). The forum aims to bring together researchers at interface of chemistry and biology with a particular focus on nucleic acids. Arun’s work describes the design and refinement of artificial nucleic acid backbones that can be formed by chemical ligation and allow faithful replication of the information encoded.

Jack Hardwick wins RSC Chemical Biology Symposium poster competition

Jun 29th 2018, 10:41

Jack Hardwick, DPhil student in the Brown group, has won the poster competition at the RSC Chemical Biology Symposium in London in May 2018. This annual symposium showcases state-of-the-art chemical biology and brings together experts in the field to stimulate research collaboration, networking and engagement. Jack’s poster, entitled ‘Structural studies of DNA containing 5-formylcytosine’, highlights some of his research into how epigenetic cytosine modifications affect the structure of DNA.

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