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Sensing of Vimentin mRNA in 2D and 3D Models of Wounded Skin Using DNA-Coated Gold Nanoparticles

P. Vilela, A. Heuer-Jungemann, A. H. El-Sagheer, T. Brown, O. L. Muskens, N. R. Smyth and A. G. Kanaras. Small 2018.

Di-copper metallodrugs promote NCI-60 chemotherapy via singlet oxygen and superoxide production with tandem TA/TA and AT/AT oligonucleotide discrimination.

C. Slator, Z. Molphy, V. McKee, C. Long, T. Brown and A. Kellett. Nucleic Acids Res. 2018.

Redox Capacitive Assaying of C-Reactive Protein at a Peptide Supported Aptamer Interface

J. Piccoli, R. Hein, A. H. El-Sagheer, T. Brown, E. M. Cilli, P. R. Bueno and J. J. Davis. Anal. Chem. 90 (5), 3005-3008, 2018.

Epigenetic Modifications of Cytosine: Biophysical Properties, Regulation, and Function in Mammalian DNA

J. S. Hardwick, A. N. Lane and T. Brown. BioEssays 40 (3), 2018.

Searching for avidity by chemical ligation of combinatorially self-assembled DNA-encoded ligand libraries

S. Matysiak, K. Hellmuth, A. H. El-Sagheer, A. Shivalingam, Y. Ariyurek, M. de Jong, M. J. Hollestelle, R. Out and T. Brown. Org. Biomol. Chem. 16, 48-52, 2018.

Single tube gene synthesis by phosphoramidate chemical ligation

A. H. El-Sagheer and T. Brown. Chem. Commun. 53, 10700-10702, 2017.

Assembly of a biocompatible triazole-linked gene by one-pot click-DNA ligation

M. Kukwikila, N. Gale, A. H. El-Sagheer, T. Brown and A. Tavassoli. Nat. Chem. 9, 1089-1098, 2017.

A stretched conformation of DNA with a biological role?

N. Bosaeus, A. Reymer, T. Beke-Somfai, T. Brown, M. Takahashi, P. Wittung-Stafshede, S. Rocha and B. Nordén. Q. Rev. Biophys 50 (11), 1-11, 2017.

Modulation of Mitochondriotropic Properties of Cyanine Dyes by In Organello Copper-Free Click Reaction

I. Negwer, M. Hirsch, S. Kaloyanova, T. Brown, K. Peneva, H. Butt, K. Koynov and M. Helm. ChemBioChem 18 (18), 1814-1818, 2017.

Locked nucleic acid (LNA) enhances binding affinity of triazole-linked DNA towards RNA

P. Kumar, A. H. El-Sagheer, L. Truong and T. Brown. Chem. Commun. 53, 8910-8913, 2017.

The Sedimentation of Colloidal Nanoparticles in Solution and Its Study Using Quantitative Digital Photography

J. Midelet, A. H. El-Sagheer, T. Brown, A. G. Kanaras and M. H. V. Werts. Part. Part. Syst. Char. 2017.

Site-selective immobilization of functionalized DNA origami on nanopatterned Teflon AF

M. Shaali, J. G. Woller, P. G. Johansson, J. K. Hannestad, L. de Battice, N. Aissaoui, T. Brown, A. H. El-Sagheer, S. Kubatkin, S. Lara-Avila, B. Albinsson and A. Jesorka. J. Mater. Chem. C 5, 7637-7643, 2017.

CRISPRi is not strand-specific and redefines the transcriptional landscape

F. S. Howe, A. Russell, A. El-Sagheer, A. Nair, T. Brown and J. Mellor. eLife 6, 29878, 2017.

Instrument-free quantitative gold nanoparticle-based liquid-phase colorimetric assays for use in resource-poor environments

H. Wang, Y. Zhang, R. Li, J. Nie, A. H. El-Sagheer, T. Brown, Z. Liu and W. Xiao. Chem. Commun. 53, 8407-8410, 2017.

Towards complete sequence flexibility of nucleic acid base analogue FRET

M. S. Wranne, A. F. Füchtbauer, B. Dumat, M. Bood, A. H. El-Sagheer, T. Brown, H. Gradén, M. Grøtli and L. M. Wilhelmsson. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139 (27), 9271-9280, 2017.

RPA activates the XPF-ERCC1 endonuclease to initiate processing of DNA interstrand crosslinks

U. B. Abdullah, J. F. McGouran, S. Brolih, D. Ptchelkine, A. H. El-Sagheer, T. Brown and P. J. McHugh. EMBO J. 36, 2047-2060, 2017.

5-Formylcytosine does not change the global structure of DNA

J. S. Hardwick, D. Ptchelkine, A. H. El-Sagheer, I. Tear, D. Singleton, S. E. V. Phillips, A. N. Lane and T. Brown. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 24, 544-552, 2017.

Molecular Requirements of High-Fidelity Replication-Competent DNA Backbones for Orthogonal Chemical Ligation

A. Shivalingam, A. E. S. Tyburn, A. H. El-Sagheer and T. Brown. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139 (4), 1575-1583, 2017.

Graphene Oxide-Upconversion Nanoparticle Based Optical Sensors for Targeted Detection of mRNA Biomarkers Present in Alzheimer’s Disease and Prostate Cancer

P. Vilela, A. H. El-Sagheer, T. M. Millar, T. Brown, O. L. Muskens and A. G. Kanaras. ACS Sensors 2 (1), 52-56, 2017.

Electrophilic RNA for Peptidyl-RNA Synthesis and Site-Specific Cross-Linking with tRNA-Binding Enzymes

M. Fonvielle, N. Sakkas, L. Iannazzo, C. Le Fournis, D. Patin, D. Mengin-Lecreulx, A. H. El-Sagheer, E. Braud, S. Cardon, T. Brown, M. Arthur and M. Etheve-Quelquejeu. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 55 (43), 13553-13557, 2016.

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