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Mismatch detection in homologous strand exchange amplified by hydrophobic effects

Bengt Nordén, Tom Brown, Bobo Feng. Biopolymers 112 (4), 2021.

Enrichment of Skeletal Stem Cells from Human Bone Marrow Using Spherical Nucleic Acids

Miguel Xavier, Maria-Eleni Kyriazi, Stuart Lanham, Konstantina Alexaki, Elloise Matthews, Afaf H. El-Sagheer, Tom Brown, Antonios G. Kanaras*, and Richard O. C. Oreffo*. ACS Nano 15 (4), 6909-6916, 2021.

INSIGHT: A population-scale COVID-19 testing strategy combining point-of-care diagnosis with centralized high-throughput sequencing

Qianxin Wu, Chengqu Suo, Tom Brown, Tengyao Wang, Sarah A. Teichmann, Andrew R. Bassett. Science advances 7 (7), 2021.

DNA-Targeted Metallodrugs: An Untapped Source of Artificial Gene Editing Technology

Nicolò Zuin Fantoni, Tom Brown, Andrew Kellett. ChemBioChem 22 (13), 2184-2205, 2021.

A DNA sensor based on upconversion nanoparticles and two-dimensional dichalcogenide materials

Konstantina Alexaki, Davide Giust, Maria-Eleni Kyriazi, Afaf H. El-Sagheer, Tom Brown, Otto L. Muskens & Antonios G. Kanaras. Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering 15, 935-943, 2021.

High-resolution targeted 3C interrogation of cis-regulatory element organization at genome-wide scale

Damien J. Downes, Robert A. Beagrie, Matthew E. Gosden, Jelena Telenius, Stephanie J. Carpenter, Lea Nussbaum, Sara De Ornellas, Martin Sergeant, Chris Q. Eijsbouts, Ron Schwessinger, Jon Kerry, Nigel Roberts, Arun Shivalingam, Afaf El-Sagheer, A. Marieke Oudelaar, Tom Brown, Veronica J. Buckle, James O. J. Davies & Jim R. Hughes. Nature Communications 12, 531, 2021.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Click-Chemistry with Nucleic Acids

Nicolò Zuin Fantoni, Afaf H. El-Sagheer, and Tom Brown*. Chemical Reviews 121 (12), 7122-7154, 2021.

Strict conformational demands of RNA cleavage in bulge-loops created by peptidyl-oligonucleotide conjugates

Yaroslav Staroseletz, Bahareh Amirloo, Aled Williams, Alexander Lomzov, Kepa K Burusco, David J Clarke, Tom Brown, Marina A Zenkova, Elena V Bichenkova. Nucleic Acids Res. 48 (19), 10662-10679, 2020.

An 111In-labelled bis-ruthenium(ii) dipyridophenazine theranostic complex: mismatch DNA binding and selective radiotoxicity towards MMR-deficient cancer cells

Martin R. Gill, Michael G. Walker, Sarah Able, Ole Tietz, Abirami Lakshminarayanan, Rachel Anderson, Rod Chalk, Afaf H. El-Sagheer, Tom Brown, Jim A. Thomas and Katherine A. Vallis. Chemical Science 11, 8936-8944, 2020.

Development of Gene-Targeted Polypyridyl Triplex-Forming Oligonucleotide Hybrids

Nicolò Zuin Fantoni, Bríonna McGorman, Zara Molphy, Daniel Singleton, Sarah Walsh, Afaf H. El-Sagheer, Vickie McKee, Tom Brown, Andrew Kellett. ChemBioChem 21 (24), 3563-3574, 2020.

Melting temperature measurement and mesoscopic evaluation of single, double and triple DNA mismatches

Luciana M. Oliveira, Adam S. Long, Tom Brown, Keith R. Fox and Gerald Weber. Chemical Science 11, 8273-8287, 2020.

Getting DNA and RNA out of the dark with 2CNqA: a bright adenine analogue and interbase FRET donor

Anna Wypijewska del Nogal, Anders F Füchtbauer, Mattias Bood, Jesper R Nilsson, Moa S Wranne, Sangamesh Sarangamath, Pauline Pfeiffer, Vinoth Sundar Rajan, Afaf H El-Sagheer, Anders Dahlén, Tom Brown, Morten Grøtli, L Marcus Wilhelmsson. Nucleic Acids Res. 48 (14), 7640-7652, 2020.

Dynamics of the 4D genome during in vivo lineage specification and differentiation

A. Marieke Oudelaar, Robert A. Beagrie, Matthew Gosden, Sara de Ornellas, Emily Georgiades, Jon Kerry, Daniel Hidalgo, Joana Carrelha, Arun Shivalingam, Afaf H. El-Sagheer, Jelena M. Telenius, Tom Brown, Veronica J. Buckle, Merav Socolovsky, Douglas R. Higgs & Jim R. Hughes . Nature Communications 11, 2722, 2020.

Direct Detection and Discrimination of Nucleotide Polymorphisms Using Anthraquinone Labeled DNA Probes

Sarah A. Goodchild, Rachel Gao, Daniel P. Shenton, Alastair J. S. McIntosh, Tom Brown and Philip N. Bartlett*. Frontiers in Chemistry 8, 381, 2020.

Advances and challenges in epigenomic single-cell sequencing applications

Martin Philpott, Adam P. Cribbs, TomBrown Jr, Tom Brown Sr, Udo Oppermann. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 57, 17-26, 2020.

Consecutive 5'- and 3'-amide linkages stabilise antisense oligonucleotides and elicit an efficient RNase H response

Sven Epple, Cameron Thorpe, Ysobel R. Baker, Afaf H. El-Sagheer, Tom Brown. Chemical Communications 56, 5496-5499, 2020.

Shining Light on CRISPR Gene Editing

Lapatrada Taemaitree and Tom Brown. ACS central science 6 (5), 616-618, 2020.

Molecular flexibility of DNA as a key determinant of RAD51 recruitment

Federico Paoletti, Afaf H El-Sagheer, Jun Allard, Tom Brown, Omer Dushek, Fumiko Esashi. The EMBO Journal 39 (7), 2020.

Squaramides and Ureas: A Flexible Approach to Polymerase-Compatible Nucleic Acid Assembly

Arun Shivalingam, Lapatrada Taemaitree, Afaf H. El-Sagheer, Tom Brown. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 59 (28), 11416-11422, 2020.

2'-Alkynyl spin-labelling is a minimally perturbing tool for DNA structural analysis

Jack S Hardwick, Marius M Haugland, Afaf H El-Sagheer, Denis Ptchelkine, Frank R Beierlein, Andrew N Lane, Tom Brown, Janet E Lovett, Edward A Anderson. Nucleic Acids Res. 48 (6), 2830-2840, 2020.

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